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So what’s in the Program?

Joe has more over 7 years of experience and many, many hundreds of hours of researching, packed into one conclusive training guide from what I’ve learnt as a skinny kid bulking up. 

My plans are designed to work on the entire body of muscles such as the many parts of your body referred to as individual muscles, or groups of muscles, which work closely together that they are more or less inseparable. Muscles/groups such as chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders, and abs of course.

Was there a secret?

These plans are designed to work on biceps muscles (upper arm), shoulder and back muscles, chest and arm muscles (lower arm), abdominal muscles, leg muscles (generally) and calf muscles (lower leg).

Secret? Not really, other than pesto pasta cool  . .  No, of course there wasn’t. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them over a long period of time and now after making the most gains within the past many months and years than I’ve made in a very long time, I feel like I’m in a good enough position to start helping people, like me, achieve the progress they have always struggled to see.